Advanced Round Robin Techniques

Loss Limits

This part of CONTROL is the hardest for numerous gamblers. The majority of gamers do not come with enough capital to play the games, as well as when they shed they make use of credit score of some form to complete the disaster.

Every player needs to establish Loss Limits, as well as follow them. In my University Dish system, we set 50% of our once-a-week Working capital as our loss limit. As soon as our resources hit this amount, we are done with the next collection. Please do not cheat by starting a collection as quickly as one ends, due to hitting a loss restriction. You need to have the obedience to wait the full week before you attempt once more.

If you were appropriately exploited, it would certainly take on a hell of a shedding touch to hit your loss limit. If you do hit your loss limit within a week, believe me, you need to relax.

Advanced Round Robin Techniques


Underdog Round Robins


This is the actual trick to the mint. If you have a few underdog games you like and think the group will win the video game outright, the payoff rates of your parlays will certainly enhance dramatically. In addition, if you can include more than one underdog into the Round Robin, the payoffs end up being astronomical.

Be prepared for long-term outs when you start betting underdogs on the money line. If you are a qualified handicapper, the enhanced payments must far surpass the dry spells. I have made hundreds of bucks on $1 to $5 round robins by using underdog uses the money-line.

Time Zone Hedge Round Robins


Below I go again being traditional, yet as I stress in the book on CONTROL the trick to betting is keeping your losses down. Whenever possible, I attempt to ensure that the last video game in my round robin does not begin till all the various other games are completed. This is really easy to achieve when wagering the FBS Dish season because the lines are out many days ahead of time.

This is a great means of betting the whole FBS and also BCS season. The trick is to make sure that the last video game you make use of, you bank on the money line. By utilizing the money line as opposed to the factor spread, you will have the ability to attempt a middle on your hedge wager.


In closing, I think that Round Robins is an excellent method of wagering the College Dish as well as the BCS period. If you like a great deal of action, I believe it is the best way to bet this moment of the year. When utilizing the Numerous Groups, Underdogs as well as Time Zone methods, you have one of the most powerful tools to utilize versus your house.

The largest challenge for you as the far better is to make certain you do not over-bet.

The only adverse I have actually seen with Round Robins is that many gamers begin compelling plays, simply to fill out a round-robin. Please do refrain from doing this! It will be your demise if you begin adding games simply to make the round-robin bigger.

Please take your time and keep referring back to the book, as there are many different concepts for you to attempt. As I stated previously, please make sure to utilize audio finance concepts when wagering Round Robins.

Please ensure you digest the entire book, and also I make certain the rewards will deserve the time invested. Do not be misled into assuming the Phase on understanding is all you need. I can assure you will shed your ass if you do not apply the entire CONTROL method.

As I mentioned in the early part of the book, a lot of you will certainly have CNTO, however, forget the ORL. If you do not have all seven parts, you will not have anywhere near the 50/50 opportunity we are wishing to attain.

Welcome to the truth of sports wagering, and also best of luck in all your undertakings.